Download our 2023 CLM Market Study  

The CLM market is growing at a ferocious pace, making it hard to know where to look and what to do! We've created this study to help you navigate your CLM journey and compare what's out there.  

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In this study you will find:

  • Economic pressures impacting in-house legal professionals and how these are affecting CLM priorities and progress.
  • Our framework for making sense of the CLM market and where you fit in.
  • Our vendor index of 100 CLM systems and our take on which parts of the contract lifecycle they automate. 
  • Our insights and framework for understanding AI in CLM automation. 
  • Unique insights gathered and verified from our team’s experiences and those of our clients.
  • Lots of practical guidance on how to assess people, processes and automation solutions to make contracting more efficient.